2011 Fundraiser Scholarship News

Despite the downturn in our construction trucking industry (catchy name – right?), our CDTOA members once again came through for our college-bound children and grandchildren and made our latest fundraiser another success.

At the time our San Diego Board Meeting was held, the office had only received $2,475 from the sale of 99 tickets. With the purchase of a one thousand dollar gift card and printing raffle tickets this fundraiser could have had dismal results. However, because many (such as myself) are procrastinators, another $2,415 in tickets and silent auction bids was raised at this meeting.

Many thanks to Scholarship Committee Member Carol Pruett who did a great job of explaining to our members the importance of helping our students and was able to inspire many of those present to purchase tickets.

And who better to draw the winning ticket than a three time CDTOA Scholarship Award Winner, Jamie Taylor. Jamie is the daughter of Kevin Martin of Bloomington and in December she will be graduating from San Diego State University with a Bachelors of Science degree. Jamie epitomizes the outstanding qualities in so many of our award winners, maintaining a GPA of 3.51 and working part time as a nursing assistant. She hopes to begin her career as a Labor & Delivery Nurse.

Words alone can never express the Scholarship Committee’s heartfelt thanks to Dee Saathoff for donating eight of her outstanding homemade Afghan blankets. We gave away two as a second and third place prize from our raffle and the others were sold in a silent auction. Dee, you are the greatest.

Congratulations to winner Tom Santoro who has been very generous through the years with his purchase of our program tickets.

Remember, donations to our Scholarship Program can be made throughout the year. As Jamie said in her application, “I want to touch people’s lives on a daily basis and make a difference in society.”
To those of you who support this program, may I say that it is with your generosity that we can also touch many lives and make a difference!

Betty Plowman
Scholarship Committee


L-R: Carol Pruett, CDTOA’s Scholarship Committee introduced three time Scholarship Award Winner Jamie Taylor who thanked the members for the Scholarship Program funds she received. Jamie was also asked to draw the Scholarship raffle tickets.


L-R: Scholarship Committee member Carol Pruett and Dee Saathoff display one of the eight afghans generously made and donated by Dee to help raise money for our Scholarship Program.