Clarifying the Los Angeles Certified Truck Hauler List

Recently, a member called requesting clarification regarding the City of Los Angeles Certified Truck Hauler List. Our member was bidding a job where he would be hauling out dirt, concrete, and asphalt in separate loads and wanted to make sure that he did not have to use the certified truck hauler list. We told our member that this policy did apply to the job that he was bidding with the city.

Here’s what the city says:
“If you handle ANY amount of construction debris in the City, you MUST be a permitted waste hauler or use a permitted waste hauler (aka the certified truck hauler list). There are also permit requirements for dirt, concrete, and asphalt which are source separated from Construction and Demolition waste.”

In order to be a permitted waste hauler, you must go through a certification process which is handled through the Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation, which is the entity that developed and championed this policy. Once you receive your certification, you are required to file quarterly reports with the franchise waste haulers.

This shift in policy by Los Angeles is a huge deal to the construction community. Many of our members earn their bread and butter by hauling construction and demolition debris from project sites. The reason that we follow policies set by Los Angeles closely is because it is the second largest city in the United States. Consequently, the State of California and other municipalities often jump on the bandwagon with the City of Los Angeles. We need to stop this policy from going any further.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call me at (760) 249-4376.