Is it Me or Did Everyone Feel Like 2014 Went By Like an Eye Blink?

The last CTN issue of 2014 is here and it’s time to bring in 2015. I could write about all the negative things that happened this past year, but you all know by now, that’s not my style. I will continue to put a positive spin on everything as usual. I always try to maintain the attitude that “positive thoughts bring positive results.” Believe me; it’s not that I’m insensitive to all the issues and dilemmas that my fellow man (and woman) have to go through, I’m just always trying to look forward to better times.

Every city I travel to in California seems to be experiencing an explosion of work both public and private.

I’m talking about all types of trucking, construction and general freight, California seems to be going gang-busters. Not only are there many big projects across the state but many of these jobs have a 2 to 5 year life span. I hope all of the CCTA members will capitalize on the opportunities at hand.

The entire CCTA/AADT/AAA&C staff is ready to jump in to assist our loyal members, new members, prospective members and affiliate members to make 2015 the most prosperous year possible. I will push harder than ever to ensure all CCTA members understand and utilize all of their membership discounts that are available.

We continue to work hard to make sure that these discounts are “real!” I am very optimistic on the growth of the regular CCTA membership and even more excited about the prospects of the newly established subdivision, the Coalition of American-Latino Truckers.

The Western Trucking Alliance is also growing in numbers every day, Joe and Shantel never seem to have an extra moment. We are all looking forward to a promising future.

Lastly, I want to encourage all CCTA directors, chapter chairs and regular members to help the association continue to grow. You all are the ambassadors for this association. Remember our saying “There is strength in numbers,” so go out there and recruit. The information that you receive from your association is priceless, so don’t just give it away.