The Great American Trucking Show Dallas Texas

Joe and I attended the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, August 21 through Saturday, August 23. While Dallas, Texas may seem like an unlikely place to promote our association, Texas is actually our second biggest market for association services behind California. We were promoting participation in American Alliance Drug Testing, Western Trucking Alliance, American Alliance Authority & Compliance and the Coalition of American-Latino Truckers.

Joe was slammed with hundreds of inquiries regarding the WTA and just as many who were interested in the services provided by AAA&C, over the three day event. Joe and I both have seen the snow-ball effect of participating in this particular show. The results are paying off for CCTA and we doubled our booth space this year to include Sean Edgar and

I had my hands full with truckers looking for a good DOT drug testing program with fair prices and attentive customer service. American Alliance Drug Testing has a great reputation in the trucking industry and is recognized as a leader among its competitors across the nation. The show created awesome opportunities to solicit prospective clients and a chance to meet many existing AADT clients who attended the event. We had a young man with forty trucks who came by and asked us to help him design a drug program for his company; coincidently he’s based out of Pico Rivera, California. So you never know who you’re going to meet and where you will meet them.

The team of Nelly and Alma Meraz with Meraz Consultores also joined us at the show. They spent the three days visiting all the exhibitor’s booths, introducing their company and helping to promote CCTA’s newest subdivision, the Coalition of American-Latino (CALT). The pair also spent time at our booth to help with the overflow of guests who stopped at our booth. We had folks who specifically came by to discuss the CALT and how they could get involved with this great new subdivision of CCTA.

Of course we can’t leave out Sean Edgar with who was set up adjacent to us. Sean is always a powerhouse and brings the whole team together with his charismatic personality. Sean’s knowledge of CARB’s Truck and Bus rule and his ability to help truckers understand how to get into compliance, was absolutely a great draw for our booths. As much as California based truck owners are affected by CARB’s rules, so are hundreds of thousands of truck owners around the nation.

Overall the show was a complete success and we can’t wait for next year.