Lots of Excitement to Start the 2014 Quarter

The scholarship committee is excited to share with all of you that have an interest in the success of the scholarship awards program the many changes for 2014. Because of the generosity of participating chapters who have contributed to the fund and fund raising activities, the scholarship fund is on its way to a record high reserve.

We want to encourage all members who might have ideas on fund raising events to contact your local chapter chairperson.

We are looking forward to our annual scholarship BBQ fundraiser at the facility of Superior Trailer Works, in Fontana, in 2014. The BBQ fundraiser was able to raise a record high of $11,000 last year with the help of affiliate member donations, volunteers and of course we could not have done it without the help and hospitality of Jay Pocock from Superior Trailer Works.

For those of you that attended the fundraiser in July, please start spreading the word to all your friends and family about our next gathering. We will be posting information regarding all fundraising events in the magazine and our website.
Remember that this program is promoting education and the future of our next generation of young people.

Fred Martin Steps Down as Chairman Of the
Scholarship Subcommittee and Doug Nichols Steps in as Chair

Hi Everyone

I have been the Chairman of the Scholarship subcommittee for five years now and after some discussion, thoughts about politicians needing term limits and soul searching, I think it is time I step down as Chairman. It has been an absolute joy working with the members of this subcommittee and I will always hold the members of this committee in high regard for their commitment and hard work.

For those of you who may be unaware, five years ago some by-law changes were made that placed the CCTA executive committee as the main scholarship committee and the sitting President as the overall Chairman. At that time we also created a working subcommittee to do the actual work of screening applicants and making sure we awarded the most scholarships possible. It was also established that the Chairman of the subcommittee had to be a sitting member of the EC therefore being able to keep the EC informed as to the actions of the subcommittee.

Last but not least, after talking with my good friend and past President Tommy Williamson and our new President Susan Jones we all thought that the logical successor to the sub-committee Chairmanship would be Doug Nichols if he was willing to accept an appointment. Susan and I also discussed the point of other committee chair appointees being done at the February board meeting if any further changes needed to be made.

It has been a pleasure working with all of you and I look forward to getting to know the new EC coming on board over the next two years. If I can answer any thing you might have questions about feel free to call me at
(619) 743-3304

Thank You All,
Fred Martin