Magazine Layout Revisions

By Lee Brown – Executive Director

We have been given numerous suggestions about the monthly magazine layout and in an attempt to make it both more organized and reader friendly, we have decide to add some new tabs and change the names on other tabs. We are going to change the first section to “Association Staff” which will focus on the theme of the magazine for each particular month. Not so shockingly, the theme this month is about CARB’s last proposed amendments to the truck and bus rules and the “winners and losers” these regulations have created within our industry. All or most of the articles will now include the author(s) as most of us write stories about a variety of issues.

We are adding to the “Conferences” section, that includes information and stories about each of the industry specific conferences and alliances (heavy-haul, pumping and interstate). We are also adding a “Legal, Regulatory & Legislative” tab filled with that type of content.

At the back of the magazine we are expanding this section and adding a tab renamed “Members, Chapters & Affiliates” with all this related content, including some best business practices articles.

We believe that all these changes once implemented will make more logical sense and help you to find and source information easier.

My goal each month will be to utilize my page, to set-up the main theme of the magazine issue and highlight the contributing staff, members and guest stories and content.