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Dead Before it Even Got Going!

Interstate Batteries Program Cancelled

Unfortunately, we are up against dealer politics within Interstate Batteries. Apparently. While the Interstate battery program was being pushed at a corporate level, it was totally dependent on the local Interstate dealers and whether or not they wanted to go along with the CCTA small business program – which we found out recently that they don’t and won’t support.

We were told that the Interstate discount program was only for large 100+ fleet businesses that had weekly battery replacement drop schedules throughout its fleet.
Sorry that we jumped the gun and will now have to remove Interstate logo from all our ads and website and other related printed materials.

Our partner AmeriQuest also has an interesting battery program through North America Battery Systems (NABS) who would be willing to work with smaller association types of clients.

We will have to begin the process all over again. Maybe this is a good omen as NABS carries far more products besides batteries, like starters and alternators. In fact, they carry six different battery brands including Optima Batteries.
NORTH AMERICAN BATTERY SYSTEMS (NABS) provides nationwide distribution of batteries, starters, alternators and related accessories. With over 120 distribution warehouses strategically located across the nation, NABS has become a major supplier of batteries and electrical products throughout North America.