New Affiliate Highlight: Authority Tax Services Inc. Joins CCTA Affiliate Team

By Katie Jeter, ATS Case Manager, Compliance Department

It is estimated that around 9 million Americans currently owe money in taxes and fees to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Many are truck drivers—over the road, heavy haulers, dump truck drivers, etc. Authority Tax Services (ATS)—a tax resolution firm whose clients are mostly truckers dealing with franchise tax board and IRS issues, is here to help.

Through our new relationship with the California Construction Trucking Association (CCTA), ATS is now able to offer a full range of tax preparation and resolution at very affordable fees. Anyone who has had experience with first class accountants or attorneys knows that fees can be very steep, often more than $500 per hour. As a national firm based in southern California, ATS is teaming up with CCTA and offering members and their families a preferred level of service with significant discounts—up to a 20 percent, depending on the services required.

Your initial consultation is free and the resolution process is quick. As a firm specifically dedicated to truckers, ATS is able to provide the same level of service as other firms, but with lower fees. Our staff is made up of ex-IRS agents, tax attorneys, and public accountants with over 20 years of experience in tax resolution.
ATS understands that most truckers are working as independent contractors. ATS also understands that this can cause a lot of problems with the IRS, for those truckers who are not reporting their income. If you find yourself with this problem, and are already receiving notice from the IRS, then you have to act fast. If you do not act fast, you are at risk of losing your earnings, your bank accounts, your retirement accounts, investments, your house, your business, your cars, your personal belongings, and your freedom.

While every situation is different, ATS can help to protect settlement receivables, belongings, and bank accounts by negotiating with the IRS to reduce or even eliminate your tax liability. In some cases, the professionals at ATS can even help to get rid of any interest or penalties that have been assessed over time.
As a firm specifically dedicated to truckers, Authority Tax Services understands that there are all different types of drivers—which is why we have a special department for their unique needs. If you have problems with taxes, and find yourself owing at least $7,000 to the IRS, call today for your free consultation.

ATS will work quickly to help resolve your tax issue and give you peace of mind.

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