New Affiliate Spotlight: Coast Equipment Lending

Coast Equipment Lending, Inc. is pleased to announce its Affiliate Membership with the California Construction Trucking Association. Coast Equipment Lending, Inc. is dedicated to helping transportation companies with their financial needs. Every customer’s needs are unique so every offer we make is tailored to our customer. We know that if you don’t succeed we don’t succeed. We are in this for the long haul.

For larger fleet owners, upgrading at an aggressive rate to maintain ARB compliance, we offer off-balance sheet financing.

This helps the company get the trucks needed while still reporting a profit at the end of the year. Ask your CPA what the right financial structure is for you, and we will structure the loan accordingly.
For smaller fleet owners, we offer a variety of products. For those driving mostly in California, we offer CALCAP loans. This is a great product for those whose credit did not weather the storm of the last decade to still get a low interest rate.

We continually add new products to help our customers. Currently we have 15 different interest rate tiers so your offer is always the most competitive.

The most popular products now are:

Filter Loans: No truck title needed.
CALCAP Loans: The best rate for those driving 51% California with less than perfect credit. Rates do not exceed 16.5% (Prior Bankruptcy, short sale, foreclosure, ok)
Operating Leases: For off balance sheet financing, allows companies to remain profitable even with the continuous fleet upgrades required for compliance.
Factoring: Gets you paid in 24 hours. No long-term contract. No need to factor all your freight bills. Factor only your slow pays.

We are committed to your success, If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, please reach out and call us, we’d love to meet you.
Coast Equipment Lending, Inc.

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