Q&A On Scholarship Applications

On behalf of the scholarship committee, we want to thank Teddi Nichols, our scholarship advisor.

Q&A On Scholarship Applications

By Teddi Nichols

We are happy to hear that several scholarship applicants have reached out to Teddi for guidance on the application process for the CCTA scholarships.

This is a typical question that is often asked by students and their family members:

“I’m emailing you regarding the trucking scholarship. This year I was generously awarded a scholarship through the California Construction Trucking Association. I was wondering if my scholarship roles over again into next year, or if I’m eligible to reapply for another scholarship. Looking forward to hearing back from you and your office!”  Thank you for your time.

Here is Teddi’s Answer:

If you received the freshman scholarship for this year, you would be eligible to reapply for the “Continuing Student Scholarship.”

If you received the continuing student scholarship, you would be eligible to reapply for the continuing student scholarship again. If you have any scholarship questions, call CCTA office, ask for Lorraine or Dianna at 909-982-9898.