Reestablishing New CCTA Chapter

Outline for Bylaws Change Implementation

History: Due to the increasingly diverse subdivisions now operating within the Association, the bylaws were amended to resolve these issues and were approved by the board on October of 2014.
Now all association subgroups, including chapters, conferences, and coalitions, are referred to as “Subdivisions.” “Chapters” are the only subdivision that is geography-based. Each subdivision will need to comply with the oversight requirements detailed below.

Under the new bylaw amendments, all CCTA Board Members will now be exclusively elected by geographic “Voting Districts.” Each member will be placed in Voting District nearest the member’s place of business. The boundaries of these Voting Districts will be the same as the previous boundaries for each chapter and a Voting District will get one Director seat for each 25 members (same as before for chapters).

These are some important steps needed to reestablish Voting District “Chapters:”

  1. Send letter and/or a petition to all chapter chairs and Directors regarding the new changes along with a copy of the full bylaws (available on-line). The changes are a result of recent amendments to the CCTA bylaws.
  2. Give in detail the steps to all chapter Chairs that includes the steps to get their chapter in compliance with the new amendments:
    • Have a min. of 15 members submit a petition to re-establish the chapter, which will be subject to Board approval. The petition should state that the chapter will include all members of the same/coterminous Voting District.
    • After approval by the Board, the chapter shall elect a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer for the Chapter (Secretary and Treasurer can be the same person) in a Board-approved manner.
    • Notify all chapter members in writing of all issues that need to be voted on 10-90 days prior to the meeting.
    • Hold at least 2 in-person noticed meetings per year.
    • Have minutes for all expenses approved and actions taken at meetings.
    • Have a 10% quorum to vote and approve changes and any business related expenses.
    • Send all minutes and the sign-in sheet back to office for all meetings.
    • Submit an expense request for any funds to be expended supported by:
      • A request for a specific expenditure (no blanket requests). It must be for an association or chapter supported and business related or charity/scholarship program related.
      • Meeting minutes indicating a vote on the expenditure.
      • Appropriate receipts, quotes, and/or other documentation validating the amount requested.
      • A confirmation from the Board, EC, or State Treasurer approving the request.
      • Send all chapter funds/money to office accounting manager (it will be credited to the same chapter if re-established). Office accounting manager will handle all financial transactions for
      • each chapter including fiscal year-end reports.
  3. Posted current bylaws on website. See “About CCTA” drop-down menu.