Safety Overview From Armstrong

Armstrong & Associates is committed to providing you with the highest quality safety information and loss control services. Our team of agents, safety consultants, and claims analysts pride ourselves in giving you the tools to maintain a safe and productive workplace. Even more importantly, our team’s action-focused approach provides the support you need to put these tools to use.

Our Safety and Loss Control Services Include:

  • Safety Consulting – on-site inspections to recognize hazards and review accident history, as well as assistance establishing an effective loss control plan.
  • Cal/OSHA Compliance Counseling – providing resources to assist you in maintaining compliance with Cal/OSHA safety and health regulations, including customized, written safety programs such as Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, and Injury and Illness Prevention Programs.
  • Employee Training – available for a variety of topics applicable to your business, including personal protective equipment, lockout/tagout, and proper lifting and back safety.
  • Bilingual Loss Control Assistance – includes safety tailgate meetings conducted in English and Spanish and bilingual training handouts and videos.
  • Forms and Written Materials – easy access to necessary forms such as accident report, safety meeting report, record of training, and injury and illness recordkeeping forms and information.

Expert Service Team

In order to provide you with excellent service, we use a team-based approach to guarantee you have access to the individuals with the expertise to answer your questions and give you the most up-to-date, accurate information and materials.

Safety and Health Team Members

What are the benefits of an active safety program?

Taking risks is part of running a business. You take risks in product development, marketing, and advertising in order to stay competitive in today’s business market. Some risks are just not worth the gamble. One of these is risking the safety and health of those who work for you. An effective safety program in which management is actively involved reduces injuries in the workplace by ensuring that employees are properly informed of hazards, that employees are properly trained, and that records of training, accidents and meetings are maintained. Loss Control includes accident prevention as well as assistance after an injury has occured.