You Want to Know What I Did This Summer?

Here is a good one about getting old that recently came to me: When do you realize you are a senior citizen? Perhaps, when you are no longer offended when an establishment offers you a “Senior Discount.” Instead of my old attitude of “How dare they?” I now smile and say, “Yes, thank you. May I have another?”

Now come to think about it, advertisers on the internet must also know my age since I seem to get many ads and articles concerning cures for dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and a few less savory but personal age related ailments (apparently breaching our many computer spam filters). Hey, you internet folks, stop tracking me because I was trying to get information concerning my mother, who incidentally is still with us at 93.

Most of these gerontology related sites say that you must keep your brain active to help avoid these mental aging problems. Okay, I am good with that. I have started taking notes, writing things down; however, it remains difficult to remember where I put my notes. And don’t even get me going about all the passwords we need in our lives – right? Technology is kind-of a challenge for us older folks, even though I can now proudly tell everyone that I’ve learned to send and receive text messages, take photos on my phone and share them.

CARB Enforcement Stepping-up

So you may be wondering – what do I do for excitement these days? Well, I go to CARB’s website. I find that this works for both my mental and physical health, as my heart rate always increases, (I count this as physical exercise.) CARB never lets me down.

I did recently speak with Paul Jacobs, CARB’s Chief Enforcement Officer to get the latest on enforcement and I can assure you CARB enforcement teams are moving full speed ahead. Most of their enforcement staff are now concentrating on the urban areas. However, if you are in a rural part of the state, do not think for a minute you are off the radar. They are relying heavily from our “Civil War,” compliant system they promote, you know companies turning in non-compliant companies – especially those competitors that may not be complying. I was told that once CARB receives these complaints, an officer is sent to investigate. The timing of the investigation is not always consistent but they will eventually follow through with all the complaints.

And all those acting as truck Brokers (even without a bond) better realize that the penalties are very steep. You must have in your files proof that your subhaulers have reported to CARB (TRUCRS) and that you have this in your files. No one is off the radar. Make no mistake the penalties are steep. While they can charge up to $1,000 per violation, most penalties are accessed at $100 per dispatch. If you dispatched a company each day for a month, I doubt you can recover. And if you have tampered with your installed diesel particulate filter (DPF) device you may now also be charged with a “criminal offence” (Section 39674, Health & Safety Code.)

DPFs May Help Clean the Air, But There Are Many Serious Problems

Which leads me to my next topic, the lawsuit Alliance for California Business vs. CARB. It takes a lot of guts to speak out against this agency. Anyone who dares to speak even the truth may very well receive a CARB audit of their actives, and let’s face it, few companies can keep up with all the many regulations they face. Yet, eleven pretty brave company owners have stepped forward, and I commend them all.

The problems with the DPF’s and even the new engines are almost endless. One of our larger members recently told me that in order to keep his fleet operational; he must buy 20% more trucks to deliver the same levels for service to his customers. Are you kidding me I thought? Owner/Operators are the backbone of the trucking industry. Do you really think they can purchase one and a quarter trucks, insurance, and all the other expenses to satisfy trucking demands? It is not going to happen.

I encourage all who read this and have problems with DPF’s or new engines to contact the Alliance for California Business. (See article)

We should never forget what the California Construction Trucking Association (CCTA) has been doing for its members and the industry – always standing true to these values of fairness and integrity. We have never wavered. It is interesting to note that many companies who testified on the need for compliance have recently found that their new trucks are no longer on the road. Too bad, so sad, you made the deal with the devil, I might add. However, maybe it is now time for some of you to step up, and tell those that are trying to help you how you have been harmed and that you are maybe sick of it all?

So, now I’ve shared some key points of interest this month with you and I will now retire to my bedroom, it is after all a Friday night and almost 8 p.m. I will fall asleep watching shows about how the air is cleaner but it is unfortunately more deadly (2.7 times more vapor deadly than thought according to the SCAQMD) and when those show’s claims become unbearable, I will watch the thousands of walruses breeding on one island because they have no ice, all which is claimed to be caused by man-made “Climate Change.” I’m sure no one will say, “Wow that’s a lot of fat walruses – the lack of ice must not be hurting the population or their diet.”

If I am too bored with all of that, I will scare myself about Ebola racing through this country because the CDC is underfunded – blame ObamaCare. Yes, my heart rate is up and my brain is active, I’m hoping that clean air doesn’t kill me or cause more Alzheimer’s.