In general, the broader the membership of any coalition, the better, but there are certain people and groups whose representation in a coalition is absolutely essential, first and foremost – Stakeholders.

These are the people who have a stake in the success of the coalition’s efforts.

They can include:

  • Those most affected by the issue. These may comprise the current or potential participants in an industry, people many times who lack the ability to individually change government or public opinion. It makes no sense, and is patently unfair, to make decisions that affect people’s lives without including them in the process, such as the elimination of the use of certain aged diesel trucks or retroactive regulatory authority.
  • Formal and informal helpers, those charged with carrying out business functions related to the issue, and others affected by what the coalition might do. The staff members of trade associations or other organizations, business and government agencies, other local employers, affiliates, landowners, developers, shippers – some or all of these and/or many others may be directly or indirectly involved in the results of coalition initiatives.

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