CARB Options in 2015

by Sean Edgar,

By the time you read this, the January 2015 window to “opt into” CARB extensions for older diesel trucks is closed. This article summarizes the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Truck and Bus Regulation implementation in 2015 and new grant funding for small fleets in the LA, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside chapters.

Also, members should be educated consumers and not get ripped off by slick salesmen trying to sell “hydrogen generators” as a CARB-legal (DPF replacement) product to extend the life or your truck.

Reported to CARB: If you reported by the January 31st Truck and Bus Regulation deadline then you should know what the future deadlines are for your trucks, which depends entirely on how you filed, miles traveled, fleet size, etc. Any confusion, call my office to discuss.

Missed Reporting Deadline: If you did not report to CARB because you are on the “engine model year” schedule or missed the deadline, you will be very limited on your options in 2015. First, your ability to put a DPF to keep the truck legal until 2020 has pretty much dried up. Second, you need to wait until January 2016 to newly report as a low use exempt vehicle or opt into other extension categories that may be available to you. Third, although the CARB TRUCRS system is still functioning as of this writing, it is very likely that the system will refuse or reject any changes to your truck status until the end of this year.

VIP Grant Funding Update: On January 28th, the South Coast AQMD announced it is accepting applications for the Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) to retrofit or replace trucks owned by Small Fleets (1 to 3 trucks) who are in compliance today. CCTA and CleanFleets will partner with our affiliates to present one or more workshops in March. Remember, only small fleets who are current on their CARB reporting and in compliance at the time of application will be eligible for any funding, which is granted on a sliding scale from $1,000 to a maximum of $35,000 depending on annual mileage or fuel records and whether you apply to buy a DPF or replace the truck. This is a “scrap and replace” program so the old truck goes to the AQMD certified dismantler.

Scam Alert: CARB has the following alert posted on its website: “BUYER BEWARE: Just because a device has an ARB Executive Order (EO) does not mean it is approved for all uses. Be aware that some companies are advertising and attempting to sell devices that may not qualify for credit toward compliance with Air Resources Board (ARB) in-use diesel engine regulations.” (See Specifically, hydrogen generators that attach to your engine DO NOT COMPLY with the Truck and Bus Regulation “PM BACT” standard (which is a diesel particulate filter selected from the “currently verified” list of filters as the website link above).

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