CCTA Magazine

If you are a new member or seldom read your CTN magazine, and were wondering about the November issue of the magazine, we just want to remind you that two years ago the board agreed to allow the staff to publish only 9 issues of the magazine instead of 12 each year. October/November is one of those dual months, as is March/April and June/July.

Subdivision Additions:

On page 13, we have an article submitted on behalf of the West State Alliance (WSA) at the Port of Oakland. The WSA has been around for a number of years and was originally formed by a group of local truckers to deal with their unique issues on the port there and within the local community.

The leadership of WSA reached out to Joe to see if there might be any interest in pursuing some sort of affiliation. We have signed-on members from Oakland’s port trucking community in part because many of the issues tackled by the CCTA/WTA resonate with all types of truckers regardless of how they operate. While each mode of trucking does have a very unique subset of operational characteristics, the vast majority of day-to-day issues actually cross-over and affect everyone equally and the CCTA is recognized as a leader in representing owner-operators, and small to medium sized fleet owners.

On page 15 (CTN NovDec 2014), we are introducing another addition to the association, George Sanchez, as part of our out-reach to the Latino-American trucking community here and in other parts of the U.S. We have increasingly been approached by trucking interests large and small to find a place for them within our ever evolving Association and its subdivisions. We believe that George’s knowledge and passion for the industry will be a great asset in developing trucking industry membership opportunities along the California and U.S. border. The trade with Mexico will continue to grow and so will transportation needs, we hope to play an important role in this growth. I’ve asked George to draft an article about himself and the role he will play for the Association in the future.