If you have one, you won’t pay BIT fees

Motor carriers who have U.S. operating authority are entitled to receive what is called a “Non-Expiring” Motor Carrier Permit from California DMV.

The Non-Expiring means exactly that, there is no annual renewal fee paid to DMV as long as the motor carrier is current with payment of their Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) fee.

Federal law makes it illegal for any state to charge an interstate motor carrier for intrastate operating authority. States are allowed to charge an “origination fee” for a permit.

In California the origination fee can be much smaller than the actual corresponding fee paid by a carrier that operates exclusively within the state because of a formula that takes into account California miles and total U.S. miles.

Because non-expiring MCP’s never expire, carriers possessing these types of permits won’t receive renewals from DMV and thus will be exempted from paying the BIT fees.

Many motor carriers in California are unaware they qualify for this type of MCP. For example, a carrier that hauls containers from a port or rail yard in California and doesn’t leave the state is qualified to have one because they need to have U.S. operating authority and pay UCR fees to move a shipment “in the stream of interstate commerce.”

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