August 2012 – Scholarship Recipients: Where are they now?

By Brandon Perluss

My name is Brandon Perluss and my mother, Lorraine Perluss, is executive assistant for the California Construction Trucking Association (CCTA) .

My journey for higher education began at Fullerton College, where I spent two years completing a majority of my general education classes. Although I have always been passionate about mathematics and sciences, it was here that I fell in love with accounting. I spoke with counselors and professors and they guided me through the necessary steps in following this path.

After completing two years of full time classes while working full time, I was accepted into the California Polytechnic University of Pomona (Cal Poly) as an undergraduate transfer student. This was a major accomplishment for me at the time, because there were only a limited number of transfer students being accepted due to budget constraints. I immediately enjoyed the atmosphere and campus at Cal Poly. It was also great to begin more classes that encompassed my major.

During the two years I spent at Cal Poly, I was able to finance my education with the help of the generous scholarships I received from CCTA. They allowed me to take minimal student loans for tuition fees and books, and I am eternally grateful for receiving them.

In June of this year, I completed my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration Accounting with Magna Cum Laude honors. During my senior year at Cal Poly I was also honored with the President’s Honor List 2011-2012, because I earned higher than a 3.50 GPA for three consecutive quarters.

I am excited that this chapter in my journey is complete, but I am also eager to begin my career in the accounting field. Currently, I have applied to take the CPA Exam with the California Board of Accountancy to obtain my CPA license. I hope to have completed the exam within a year and to be working for an accounting firm in the local area.

It has been a blessing to have these opportunities in my life and I am hopeful of the future of my career. The scholarships that CCTA rewarded me have been a major part in creating these opportunities, and I thank all of those involved in making them a possibility.