CCTA’s New Restocking Fee


CCTA has started to receive many non-members and some members calling to have us buy back or return supplies they have purchased claiming either they do not need them anymore or that they are not what they needed. Some of these requests to return or buy back product has been in excess of 3 or more months.

Due to the time it takes to reconfigure an order for credit, CCTA has implemented a 25% restocking fee to help offset the costs. CCTA has also started waiting until we receive the items back in house before quoting the credit being returned. Some of the items returned are not in good shape and it requires more time spent with the client to explain that the items are damaged and we are not able to resell them so they will not be credited for the original full amount quoted.

This new restocking fee will also help when the new online store is live to keep people from saying they were sent the wrong items, because they ordered the items themselves. You will still be able to call the office to order supplies as well.

We are underway with the online CCTA Store, during the first quarter of the year your will be able to buy supplies online whether you are a member or not. If you use the store you will only be shown the non-member rate until you login after you login the items in your cart will update with the member price automatically. The online store will allow you to purchase freight books, DVIR’s, etc… with a click of the mouse.